For many years, a great pine tree stood deep in the Black Forest.

It was so tall, it towered over all the other trees. It was a very special tree.

Not only the animals, who found cover under and in the pine tree, sensed how special the tree was, but so did the children who came to play near the pine tree. One evening, a fierce storm began to brew over the Black Forest.

Never before had a storm been able to harm the pine tree.

This time, however, the wind shook the tree harder than ever before and suddenly, a powerfull bolt of lightning struck its crown.

When that happened, something changed in the tip of the great pine tree and that

is when the exciting adventures of the Roly-Poly Pine Cone began.


Evelina Iacubino

With an eye for detail and a wonderful feel for the plot, Evelina created These beautiful Pictures for this fairytale.

In each of the nine chapter is a beautiful drawing.



Please Note

In the USA, Canada and the UK the pictures in the german and english edition inside are printed in black and White. So it`s good to colour in.

In Europe the pictures in german and english edition inside are coulored.