The Roly-Poly Pine Cone   Black Forest  fairy Tale

hills, valleys- nature
endless hills and valleys


 Welcome !

I`m pleased that you visit me on my Website.

My Name is Tannenmoggele and I live deep in the Black Forest.

Almost every day there is something nice, fun and exciting experience, you just have to Keep your eyes open.

Together with my best friends Anton the deer and Arthur the sparrow makes everything much more fun. Do you know how the moist forest floor smells? And how it feels in the morning to walk through the forest when it is still very quiet?

It fells like a Little vacation.



farmhouse, nature, Black Forest
lonely farmhouse

With this fairytale I give all the gloomy and creepy Black Forest stories that tell of inhuam hard work and lost all joy and Beauty an uppercut.

The dark forest can be as peaceful, soothing and protective.

I had as achild definitely a lot of fun in the forest. And I often came home first when it was dark and the stomach growled.

Some circumstances in the fairytale correspond almost the truth because I experienced myself so that I would have that but rather Keep it to myself.


                                                                            Norbert Hils